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USA Education Services (U E S)

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Welcome to USA Education Services for ultimate convenience and flexibility Education. 

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What We Offer

At USA Education Services (U E S), we partner with the best high schools, colleges and universities in the United States to offer affordable online courses and programs for professional training, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree through Learning Management System.

We are based in Harrisonburg, Virginia and serves international students all over the world.


Learning Management System

Learning Management System is a software application designed to provide online learning delivery services to support a range of uses, acting as a platform for online content, including courses, both asynchronous based and

synchronous based.

USA Education Services will help students to perform their online learning through the following Learning management systems:

1. Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is the world's fastest- growing Learning Management Platform to facilitate digital learning environment, help teachers innovate and students succeed; Canvas has been designed to empower teachers and engage student’s institutions across the globe to get out of their way and experience online education effectively by eliminating the headaches of supporting and growing traditional learning technologies.

2. Blackboard collaborate

Blackboard collaborate is a learning management technology that is changing the face of teaching and learning.

Blackboard Learn is an application for online teaching, learning, community building, and knowledge with various solutions for schools, universities, businesses, and government agencies to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to realize their potential.

From Blackboard, you can access:

• Audio content,

• Video content,

• Written content,

• Tutoring and mentoring sessions,

• Department meeting, etc.

3. Google Meet-Google suite

Google Meet- Google suite is making enterprise-grade video conferencing available to everyone to empower learning while getting more time back to focus on students with flexible, secure, and easy-to-use tools that are free and built for education.

According to the preference of different higher education institution partners, USA Education Services will help them to make video conferences with students through Google suite to ease synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.

4. Schoology

Schoology is a social networking service and virtual learning environment for K-12 school and higher education institutions that allows users to create, manage, and share academic content.

Through Schoology, USA Education Services will help students and Education Institution to access the following advantages:

• Organization: Schoology will help instructors to put fodders for different subjects that are super simple for students to access.

• Put different type of quizzes for students with their short answers.

• Put everything that are needed by students to access and saved into school group resources.

5. Zoom Learning Management System Integration

Zoom Learning Management System is a simple, powerful, cloud-hosted Learning Management System to deliver online learning and discussions through best video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and other room systems.

Our Online Programs and Courses

English Program

Get trained to be confident in communication and connection.

Alternative Investments

Grow your knowledge about financial assets with this program.

Business Analytics

Develop a data-driven mindset and enhance your analytical skills to communicate and interpret business data.

Disruptive Strategy

Build up your capacity to turn innovative ideas into reality. Unleash your potential in creating engaging strategies.

Economics for Managers

View the world through the economic lens and obtain the knowledge and skills essential in crafting successful business strategies.

Entrepreneurship Essentials

Master a proven framework for building and financing new ventures and make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Financial Accounting

Learn the secret behind the numbers in financial statements.

Global Business

Gain the knowledge you need to thrive in today's interconnected, global economy.

Leadership Pri​nciples

Develop the leadership skills you need to further improve your team, organization, and career.

Leading With Finance

Build an instinctive knowledge in finance and learn to communicate better with key stakeholders.

Management Essentials

Master the essential tactics and tools to get things done and lead your organization forward.

Negotiation Mastery

Mastering negotiation techniques helps you secure the maximum value of your organization.

Sustainable Business Strategy

Gain the tools and techniques to become a purpose-driven business leader.

Master of Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Prepare for a broad range of electrical engineering careers by focusing on practical, hands-on course work developed by experts in the field.

Mechanical Engineering

Wishing to enter in the network of mechanical engineers? this is a chance to build Your Career and meet with experts in their fields of study a​s you build your Knowledge and Skills of Research, Analysis, And Design in Mechanical Engineering.

Nuclear Engineering 

The online master's degree program to support your educational and professional goals in Nuclear Engineering.

Software Engineering

Gain valuable expertise in creating, maintaining, and improving software systems.

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