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USA Education Services (U E S)

Smart Education, Save Your Time and Money

Smart Education,

save your time and money!

Have you ever wished to learn English as a Second Language (ESL), get TOEFL and IELTS certificates?

USA Education Services has opened doors for you to achieve your English learning goals and get the best high schools, colleges and universities in the USA. Therefore, helping people to speak clearly, confidently, professionally and to be understood in their spoken English during daily activities and mainly to familiarize themselves with the pronunciation of native English speakers; USA Education Services connects students with the best English trainers for the General English and American Accent Pronunciation Programs. In addition, USA Education Services helps people prepare effectively for the TOEFL / IELTS tests.

USA Education Services encourages people to join its TOEFL / IELTS programs to effectively prepare for TOEFL / IELTS tests in order to obtain English proficiency certificates for various scholarships and international jobs and completely transform their lives.

Our General English courses are designed to improve your English language skills and give you more professional and academic options in the future. As well as taking lessons, you will have plenty of time to sight-see and explore your destination. The course is available at all levels from Elementary to Advanced, with classes made up of different levels. The focus is on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking, and USA Education Services offers extensive and varied activities programs to help you make the most of your destination.

The American Accent pronunciation program will help people speak clearly, confidently, professionally and be understood in their spoken English during their daily activities; Mainly to be acquainted with native English speakers’ pronunciation and to obtain an American Accent pronunciation program certificate.

Please contact us at +250787308223, or Email us at [email protected] 

Our Branch office is located at Makuza Peace plaza, 2nd Floor, Block A, Office N0.1

Looking forward to serving you!

USA Education Services Team

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